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"I can't shake this feeling I've bloody hands..."

Yesterday, somehow, I managed – just 1,157 words. Which pushed me to Day 28, but only by virtue of the Word Bank. Having gone over the Fay Grimmer manuscript on Sunday, I'd realized something that had not yet happened need already to have happened, so yesterday I plunked it in between ms. pages 77-78, all those 1,157 words. It worked like seafloor spreading. At the end of the day, the material on 77 and the material on original 78 – which had once so seamlessly fit together – were divided by four new pages of new text.

Please have a look at the current round of the "pay the taxes" eBay auctions.

I have line edits for Alabaster: Boxcar Tales, which I have to work through today, in addition to getting my pages written.

I awoke from a night of uncomfortable, broken sleep – pseudo-insomnia – to a world gone cold and ugly, as autumn swallows summer. We have a 24 mph wind and rain, worse on the way tonight, and days of it ahead. The warm weather seems truly to have gone for good, until next July.

The Space Between Wor[l]ds,
Aunt Beast
Tags: alabaster, fay grimmer, not enough sleep, summer into autumn, word bank

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