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"No moon, no pale reflection."


Main thing today, the Alabaster: Wolves hardcover collection, due out February 13, 2013. You can now preorder online and save 20%!. The collection is also now listed on the Dark Horse Comics website (but now discount for preorders from that page). I don't know if it's been listed in Previews yet (because why the hell would I read that telephone book?). But since I have the above information, which allows you to order NOW, I'll repeat what I posted here on August 31st:

Here's a thing. Empowerment of readers. Want another Alabaster miniseries? Really and truly, cross your heart and hope to die? Well, the power is in your hands, kittens. Call your local comics shop – or whatever – and PREORDER at least one copy of the hardback collection of Alabaster: Wolves. Though, fuck, you can order three copies. It's not as if you actually have to buy the things. Just place the order. All that will matter to the all-powerful bean counters at Dark Horse are the preorder numbers on the collection. All those unbelievably glowing, this-is-the-fucking-best-new-comic-of-the-year reviews from places like MTV Geek and Comic Book Resources and whatnot? I have been told by TPTB that those are irrelevant. This is publishing. Whether or not a thing is good doesn't matter. Whether or not it sells, that matters. So, like I said, want more (beyond the Dark Horse Presents stuff I've agreed to do), YOU HAVE TO PREORDER. Waiting and picking up a copy when it comes out in January, that's not going to help. No, truly, it won't. PREORDER, if you want more. That's all that matters.

If your local comics shop or whatever says they cannot yet order, then order online, or keep calling back and bugging them. Stores know what to buy based on requests and inquiries (and advertising from publishers).

It's in your hands.


Arrests this morning, as protesters gathered to mark the first anniversary of OWS. Photographers were threatened with violence. It seems Manhattan is incapable of leaning from past mistakes. I was especially impressed by the protesters who dressed exec and so made it past the barricades.


The Mordorian Death March ground to a halt yesterday, as Spooky and I went back and reviewed everything that's been written on Fay Grimmer thus far. It was tedious and fucking annoying. But, today, hopefully there will be a word count. 29 days to go, and not much in the word bank. Progression is easier when you don't hate the book you're writing.


Let me once again draw your attention to the "pay the taxes" Ebay auction. Good stuff. Rare stuff. Out of print stuff. Please bid Thank you.


Now who here among us still believes in choice?
Not I.
An ocean of violence
Between me and you.
You've got your reasons,
And me I've got mine.
But all the reasons I gave
Were just lies to buy myself some time.
~ Arcade Fire

I'm serving time, all for a crime I did commit. ~ Arcade Fire


Finally, a GREAT interview on science fiction by one of the few masters of the form we have left: "William Gibson on Why Sci-Fi Writers Are (Thankfully) Almost Always Wrong":

I think the least important thing about science fiction for me is its predictive capacity. Its record for being accurately predictive is really, really poor! If you look at the whole history of science fiction, what people have said is going to happen, what writers have said is going to happen, and what actually happened — it’s terrible. We’re almost always wrong.

Down Inside a Well,
Aunt Beast
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