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"I'm lost. And these shadows keep on changing." ∞

Here's the thing about inquisitions: during an inquisition, no one is safe, including the inquisitors. Who almost always, almost inevitably, believe they're heroes.

For years, I loathed the term "haters." I thought it was an idiotic wastebasket, catchall sort of word, a lazy short hand for everyone who disagrees with the person using it. Or shorthand for anyone who dislikes anything. It is as if, suddenly, curmudgeons were no longer permitted in society. In fact, not too long ago, a reader of the blog (I can't recall precisely who, but only narrow it down to two), declared that something I'd said didn't "suit" me, and that it only made me "come across as a curmudgeon." Yes, I make notes; I hold grudges; I don't forget. Anyway, my first thought was, Wait. When did being a curmudgeon become socially unacceptable? I always thought it was a term of endearment.

Point is, as I face this barrage of "there's only one way to be right" bullshit from the Outrage Brigade, I think I have actually found a valid application for the term haters. These people are haters, though, of course, they would be furious to be labeled such. Inquisitors are never very happy when someone tells them they're Part of the Problem. But, yes, haters. Agents of an inquisition. "Think precisely like me, recant, admit your guilt – even though you're innocent – hang your head in shame, submit to re-education – which we know how to carry out, as we hold the One Truth* – or be burned at the stake." Inquisitors. Haters. People who believe themselves to be activists struggling for change for the better (excepting the trolls, who are just along for the ride), but who are sadly misguided, and, in truth, are a boon for the oppressors they vilify. Because the haters not only spread hate, but force genuine activists to squander precious resources fending off their fallacious and endless sniping and ad hominem attacks against the people who are actually their allies.

And everyone is a target, whether or not they're in the public eye. Yes, you too.

Yeah. That's the thing about inquisitions.


The production of Sirenia Digest #81 has become something of a monumental undertaking. I thought it would require one day, but it's required two, which is why I'm (as of now) five days late getting it out. The good news for subscribers? This issue is over one hundred pages long! Which easily breaks all our previous records for issue length. I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. At this point, all I'm waiting on is Vince Locke's illustration for "Our Lady of Tharsis Montes." So, you'll get the issue sometime between now and Monday, I promise (see update, below). Regardless, if you are not a subscriber, THERE WILL NEVER BE A BETTER TIME TO JOIN!

Much of Wednesday was spent proofing "Our Lady of Tharsis Montes," which had far more typos and continuity errors and such than usual for my stories, because that's what happens when you have to write a complex sf story fast. When you have to pay more attention to the science than the actual writing. So, Wednesday was spent tweaking (so to speak; rimshot).

I'm also hip deep in getting the first installment of Alabaster : Boxcar Tales up and running, as Steve Lieber begins drawing. We're on a nightmarishly tight schedule on this first bit. Presently, it's all about creature design! Which is usually fun, but less so when you're very, very, very behind on a novel (Fay Grimmer) for which you've blown the original deadline and are only three chapters in.

Fuck me sideways, as Deb Morgan would say.


Please, please, please look at the pay the taxes eBay extravaganza. Please note the current wallflower, an ARC of The Dry Salvages. What makes this so special (aside from being a very collectible ARC)? I did a substantial revision of the story after the ARC was released, which never happens. It made Bill Schafer at subpress wanna murder me, I think, and he made me promise I would never do such a thing again. And I haven't. So, the text in the ARC differs, in some ways, quite a bit from that of the final novella. Please have a look, bid if you are interested and able, and thank you. The IRS won't take Monopoly money, which I think is utterly fucking unreasonable.

Oh, and there's also Spooky's Etsy shop, Dreaming Squid Dollworks and Sundries. She's just added a new necklace.

Anyway, hi ho, hi ho, it's off know how that goes.

Run Raggedy,
Aunt Beast

* Even if they can't agree amongst themselves what it is.

Update (4:40 p.m.): Just heard from Vince that, because of his deadlines, it might be a little later in the week. Again, apologies.
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