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World Wide Fuck You

There are good reasons I never read my books after they're published. Here's a "for example," from just last night.

Last night, I happened to pick up The Drowning Girl: A Memoir and was sort of randomly flipping through the pages, and on page 265, paragraph 2, beginning on line 3, Abalyn says, "One can only imagine how much more damage [cut for spoiler] might have managed if she'd had the World Wide Web at her disposal."

Now, I don't fucking care what fucking style manuals say, Style manuals have ZERO relevance to prose. Abalyn is an extremely computer savvy woman, and never in a million years would she have said "World Wide Web." And had she written it down, she certainly wouldn't have capitalized it (no matter what a style manual might say).

No one has said "World Wide Web" since, what, 1997? 1998, at best?

Here's the thing. I didn't write that. I wrote, simply, "web." The CEM came, which was an especially bad one. I STETed all over. The galley pages came, and most of my changes were there in the corrected galley (the book is printed based on the galleys). Then, at a point when no additional corrections or changes should have been made by ANYONE, someone at Penguin made a random series of edits. Many really are very awful, worse than "World Wide Web." I got pissed, attempts were made to discover who in production made these mysterious changes and why, but since this sort of stuff isn't logged (I was told), the asshole responsible could not be identified. I likely wrote about it at the time, here in the journal.

So. When you see that idiotic line, don't blame me. I did my job. I can't be held accountable for the incompetence of others.

For Sale,
Aunt Beast
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