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"They do not see your road to freedom, that you build with flesh and bone."

The dosage on one of my meds has been increased, leaving me woozy and unfocused as fuck all, and I hope I can stay focused just long enough to make this short entry.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,053 words on Fay Grimmer, and I finished Chapter Three.

Still trying to process the news of Tony Scott's suicide. But I, regardless, I admire his resolve. We should all be half so strong.

As for Todd Akin's belief that the female reproductive system is capable of shutting down in cases of "legitimate" rape*, well, this sort of stupidity is why Aristotle invented the scientific method. But wait! This son of a bitch is on the Member of House Committee on Science, Space & Technology! Even goddamn Far Right, "pro-life" activists, such as Denny Rehberg, are distancing themselves from Akins. This isn't simply ideology, politics, or insensitivity. This is a man who actually believes eggs ask sperm whether or not they have permission to enter the fallopian tubes, and then kick out the trespassers. Um...but's there's no War on Women. Not here. Not now. No way.

For shit's sake, people.

Last night, we watched another episode of House M. D. and the first episode of the sixth season of Dexter. Oh, Vince Masuka, I love you. I'm a little disturbed that Deb only said "fuck" once. What fuck? Then, there was an absolutely brilliant RP scene with stsisyphus. The sort of reminds me why I put up with so much dross for those infrequent gems.

And now, I'm gonna sit here and feel wiped out. The end of summer smells good through my office window.

Aunt Beast

* "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing [pregnancy] down."
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