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Monsieur Insomnia Rides Again

No sleep yet. Sunrise one hour and twenty-nine minutes away. My blood full of zolpidem, valium, hydrocodone, gabapentin,'d think an elephant would be on its knees, snoozing away. Not me. I've even had a glass of milk.

A light rain is supposed to begin falling any moment now.

I've been lying in bed, listening to the quiet house, listening to Spooky's sleeping breaths, listening to Robertson Dean murder Neuromancer. His attempt at Molly's voice is actually physically painful to hear.

I almost found sleep. I had maybe five minutes on the threshold, and then I was awake again, and my brain shuffling through two dozen subjects of varying importance and interest.

But, I thought this might help. And now I'll try again...

Sleepless in Providence,
Aunt Beast
Tags: audiobooks, insomnia, night sounds, pills, william gibson
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