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Not a Movie Review

Last night, Kathryn and I watched Tarsem Singh's Immortals (2011). Wow. Comments listed below, because I don't think I'm presently coherent enough for paragraphs.

1. Ignore the fucking critics who slammed Immortals. It's a grand movie.

2. Even though it was shot for 3-D, the cinematography was virtually never gimmicky. It was, in fact – as one would expect from a Tarsem film – fucking brilliant. Painting after painting in motion. Utterly Tarsem, yet also reminiscent of Cocteau, the Bauhaus artists, German expressionist filmmakers, and many symbolist painters. Even if you turned the sound off and just watched, this film would be a stroke of genius.

3. It's a crying shame that John Hurt was not cast as Weyland in Prometheus.

4. Note that this was Eiko Ishioka's next to last film, and it's the best costume design I've ever seen from my favorite costume designer. It is simply amazing. I will go so far as to say her very fine work for Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) pales by comparison.

5. Watching the film I thought again and again, this is the only director I can imagine who would ever be able to get Dune right.

6. Right now, Immortals is streamable from Netflix.

Aunt Beast
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