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"This is what I get for leaving Hell and fucking monkeys."

The first day of summer, and BAM, it's going to be hot as Hades. Wait, was Hades actually hot? Anyway, booya, summer finally comes to Providence! A high of 93˚F. today. Even hotter tomorrow.


A number of folks have told me that their comments here are getting marked as spam. I have no idea how or why this is happening. Or, for that matter, even what it means. Do your comments show up, regardless? Anyway, I apologize (even though, obviously, it's not my fault; having been raised Catholic does this to you, apologizing for shit what ain't your fault). Do not be discouraged by ye olde spam gremlin.


Yesterday, again no writing. Most of the day was spent on a very long interview with MTV Geek, about Alabaster: Wolves It's a good interview, and ought to be up soon. But if I don't start some serious writing, like, three weeks ago, I'm am seriously fucked. Oh, hell. I'm seriously fucked anyway. Also, a call to my editor at Penguin. Whose very bow tie, and whose name is Danielle. And email with my agent, and Dark Horse editor. And S. T. Joshi. Plus the ubiquitous "And Many More!" Today, the last of the editing on the Blood Oranges typescript WILL BE DONE, kittens. Or I'm a monkey's uncle. When I'm really more like a monkey's 4.321768×10 great aunt, once removed.

Cool news about fossilized turtle sex from the famous Eocene-aged Messel shale pits of Germany. See what I missed out on, becoming a writer instead of a paleontologist?

Okay, so Monsieur Insomnia, after a long absence, hit with a vengeance last night. I watched the sunrise, and then some. About 8:30 a.m., I dozed off watching an episode on Frontline on the iPad. Stay away from the crystal meth, kittens. It's bad shit. And I say that as someone who is cool with recreational drug use. Drano is bad for you, as is shit made with Drano. Also, your teeth will fall out. This message was brought to you by McGruff the Crime Dog. And me.

Wow. My LJ entries are more interesting on two hours of sleep.

Oh, and Alabaster: Wolves #3 is on the stands today!


My thanks to stsisyphus for some bow-tie RP last night. No, not in Rift. In CoX, where the world's premise is utterly, ridiculously silly, but all the serious and good RPers congregate (I have no idea why, but it's true). Been RPing there the last six weeks or so, and it's stellar. Best exchange of the night (between he and I, and you get no context):

Liz: Ass douche.
Dust: Monkey fucker.
Liz: That's what I get for leaving Hell and becoming a monkey fucker.


Okay. I think that's all for now. Spooky's downtown getting my second pair of glasses*, since the first prescription was so off. But I don't really blame the optometrist. He had to try to figure out how to work with that one blind eye and all. But yeah, new glasses for Readercon 23.

Postscript (12:57 p.m.): Oh, wait. Only the near-sighted pair came back, because everyone, all 'round fucked up. And I likely won't have the far-sighted ones until Saturday or Monday. Whee!
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