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A Book of Poe-Ms?

Okay, it's been a while since I had a poll, and I've had this question going round in my brain, about maybe publishing a small book of my poetry in 2007 or so. I want to know how you folks feel about the idea, I'd like to try to gather 100 replies. Thanks!

Poll #424215 A book of Poe-Ms?

Would you buy a book of poetry by Caitln R. Kiernan

Absoltely not.

Also, repeating eBay news, lest it gets lost in the shuffle (the dental bill is almost covered at this point): After this week, we're going to be taking a week or two (or three) away from the eBay auctions, but there are still a few cool things to get up today and tomorrow and cool stuff that hasn't yet sold. The next five people who use buy it now or grab something with the "fixed price" feature will get a FREE Kaiyodo prehistoric critter from my obscenely large and inconvenient collection of tiny prehistoric creature figurines. How can you possibly resist an offer like that? I'll even initial the little buggers, if you wish.

Dren. I mispelled "absolutely" that second time and can't edit it. I suck. Bad nixar!

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