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Caitlin R. Kiernan, Have you been poisoned? [sic]

[cue ominous music]

Ignorance is no excuse ... and no protection at all.

Poison could be coursing through your veins right now, as you read this
... killing off your confidence, infecting your beliefs, and eating away at your resolve.

And you might not even be aware!

Insecurity, fear, stress, anger, desperation - all these poisonous emotions, and many more, are like strychnine to your success.

And if they're not eradicated, they can undermine any attempts at creating a more abundant, joyous life of your choosing - whether you're wanting to improve your business and finances, your relationships and love life, or your health and fitness.

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you want it, how hard you seem to fight for it...
...success, true happiness, and so many of the good things in Life just seem to slip through your fingers? Perhaps, just as you begin to sense yourself getting close, something else happens to sabotage your efforts and knock you off course.

Then chances are ... you've been POISONED!

Quite often, it's been done unwittingly by some well meaning (yet misguided) friend, relative, school teacher, or other person whose "opinions" you've trusted!

You certainly weren't born with these dream killing emotions. Fortunately, they needn't be fatal ... because there IS hope for a solution!

[marvel over fondness for ellipses and exclamation points]
[clear throat]





From Hell,
Aunt Beast
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