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"You had a father in mines who's gone this day from thee."

Just something shortish, and I'll post something more interesting tomorrow:

1) I've been busy writing "A Mountain Walked" for the weird western anthology, which, considering it consists of excerpts from a journal written by a paleontologist in the Wyoming territories in 1879, well it's not an easy piece. But I wrote 1,717 words yesterday, and another 1,374 today. Likely, I'll finish the story on Wednesday (it's a short one).

2) The last three days have also been spent trying to get my office in order again, and this will lead to getting the rest of the house in order. All of this is long overdue. I cannot abide disorder, and there's been far too much of it lately, primarily because my work schedule has kept Kathryn and I scrambling for months now. Saturday was a trip to the storage unit, and then the work on my office began yesterday. Ar the storage unit, I found my rubbing of Lovecraft's headstone, which I made in the summer of 2004, four years before we moved to Providence. I hope to have it framed soon.

3) When not writing, cleaning, organizing, or playing Rift, I've managed a decent bit of reading: Thomas Ligotti's "The Night School" and "The Glamour," Ramsey Campbell's truly enlightening "The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus Nash" (in Joshi's Black Wings of Cthulhu), and, from Chiappe and Witmer's Mesozoic Birds, "The Enigmatic Birdlike Dinosaur Avimimus portentosus: Comments and a Pictorial Atlas." Plus, Spooky continues to read The Two Towers aloud to me before bed; last night it was "The Black Gate is Closed."

4. Last night we saw this week's episode of Fringe and...fuck. Wow. I think this series cannot possibly get any more daring and weird and wonderful, and then it goes and proves me wrong.

5. The Nor'easter spared us all but some heavy rain last night and drizzle today. We were lucky. Not even any cold temperatures.

Aunt Beast
Tags: birds, cthulhu, fringe, housekeeping, ligotti, order, paleontology, ramsey, tolkien, weird fiction, westerns

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