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Howard Hughes vs. the Mystery Crud (Pt. II)

Kathryn and I are actually a bit worse today than yesterday. We have begun to suspect this is most likely a mild strain of one or another flu. I've had to cancel the reading at KGB tomorrow night. Which is just one part of the chaos this bug is sewing. I could ill afford to lose three days, so packed is April and May with deadlines. My apologies to those who planned to see me tomorrow night, but please attend regardless, as matociquala will be reading in my place, and you get Scott Lynch, to boot.

Honestly, I get sick, and I'm useless. I have no idea how many authors and performers and suchlike soldier on in the face of illness. I feel sort of ashamed that I can't, but I've never been good for that.

After two days down, I'm insanely bored, and my mind is spinning in ever smaller and more frantic circles. Sickness almost always triggers in me periods of intense anxiety and depression. Too much time to think on things I ought not allow myself to dwell upon overly long. To make it worse, this bug has perfectly coincided with three days of marvelous weather here in Providence. Days in the '80s Fahrenheit! We should be at the sea, and, instead, we're stuck inside, taking a tiny bit of solace in the warm air through the windows and the chance to air out the apartment. Tomorrow, in true Rhode Island fashion, we're set for a radical temperature shift, and the high will only be 60˙.

We've watched more of Games of Thrones, and I'm liking it a great deal.I've tried to keep myself occupied by reading, short stories by Ligotti, and I've begun and finished Richard Milner's book on Charles R. Knight. I did have an important conversation with my agent yesterday afternoon regarding many projects (I might have been lucid).

Okay, enough for now. And typos be damned.

Aunt Beast
Tags: charles r. knight, game of thrones, ligotti, lost days, nyc, reading, sick, spring, warmer weather

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