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"And the fact you're always waking in the night, night."

This isn't The Hunger Games icon I want, but I don't think the one I want exists, and I haven't had time to make it. So, this is my "placeholder."

If you've not read this article – "White Until Proven Black: Imagining Race in The Hunger Games," by Anna Holmes – over at the New Yorker website, then you ought stop reading this silly and, ultimately, inconsequential blog entry and do so now.


The weather is rainy and cold here in Providence. Cold spring. I am buried in work yammering for my attention, but the rain and the cold only make me want to sleep.


Yesterday, Rachel Edidin – my editor at Dark Horse – tweeted a link to this photograph:

She's at Seattle's Emerald City Comicon this weekend. And there's Dancy. BIG. And it sort of freaks me out, in a good way, seeing this. And having said that....

The first issue of Alabaster: Wolves will be released on April 11th (!!!!). And I cannot say this too emphatically: the success of this project depends entirely on sales. Yeah, I know. Stating the obvious, right? I don't care. This book means a lot to me, and I want to see it succeed, and numbers from the first issues are going to be EXTREMELY important. If there's not a comics shop near you, you can order online. If you don't want to buy paper-and-ink comics, Dark Horse has the digital option (at this very moment, you can read a preview of #1 at the website). You can order from the website now, and you'll get the comic on the 11th. If you can afford more than a single copy, give a few to your friends. Leave them on park benches and subway seats. Just please, please, please be sure to pick up a copy (one way or another), and thank you.


Yesterday, Kathryn and I read over "Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea (1957)," which an editor has asked to reprinted in a forthcoming anthology of Lovecraftian fiction (TBA). I wrote it in July and August of 2000, and I honestly had no idea how I'd feel about it after so many years. I was pleased to find that I do still like it. Nonetheless, I made quite a few changes – mostly stylistic. I cannot help but do this. A writer has two choices (both valid): 1) leave an artifact to show who she was at the time Story X was written, or 2) try to make Story X a better story, utilizing skills she's honed over the years. I'm a sucker for – nay, a slave to – option number two, which means you'll rarely find identical versions of my stories in different publications. It's not cost effective, to say the least, but it's what I do. I revise (this is very different from rewriting; I pretty much never rewrite).

Today, I have an interview waiting that has to be done by Monday. I have to proofread "Goggles (c. 1910)" and get it to the book's editor (another anthology TBA). I have to get started two weeks ago on Sirenia Digest #76. At least I have MS Word once more, thanks to the very fucking bow-tie Dr. corucia, which means I can get back to business as usual, and Pages can go hang. Oh, and did anyone actually ever read #75? I don't believe I've seen a single comment to that effect?

Okay. That's all I have time for now, kittens. Except, more than two-hundred people have offered their condolences over Sméagol's death (here and at Facebook), and I thank you all for that. It has helped a little. This same week, Peter Straub's long-lived and long-loved cat Hector died. I might first have met Hector in May 2001, but it might have been earlier. I can't recall. What are the odds of both Readercon 23's guests of honor having cats die on the same bloody week?

Did I mention the rain and the cold?

Aunt Beast
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