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"You don't like to be touched, let alone kissed."

First, another video from Keaton Henson, whose first album will be out on April 10th (the day before Alabaster: Wolves #1).

And yeah, Aunt Beast is posting a fucking Taylor Swift video...sort of...because I like to think of it as this bow-tie Hunger Games video from the Civil Wars that Taylor Swift invaded. The Civil Wars are bow tie, by the way.

And, by the way...the soundtrack for The Hunger Games, and Keaton Smith's debut, and an album by the Civil Wars are all on my Amazon wish list, if anyone's feelin' generous. Oh, and actually anything by the Civil Wars would rock, as I've only been listening to them on Pandora.

Off to Telara & Middle Earth,
Aunt Beast
Tags: alabaster, keaton henson, music, music videos, the civil wars, the hunger games

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