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Addendum: Stuff I won't write down tomorrow.

1) An Alabaster: Wolves update: On March 28th at 4pm Pacific Time, Steve Lieber and I will be answering questions LIVE on Twitter, hashtag #AlabasterComics. Here's the official announcement, with additional details. Note the FREE giveaways: 10 FREE Digital copies of Alabaster: Wolves to participants, to will be distributed when it becomes available on April 11th. And yes, the series will be available in digital and analog formats (this means you don't need a local comic store to get the book, by the way).

2) Every goddamn day something comes along to horrify and disgust me more than the day before. Or something comes along that horrifies and disgusts me more every hour. Today, the worst of it was additional evidence of the prevalence of a resurgence of racism among American teens: Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed. The article began with the creation of this Tumblr page, begun by an admirer of Suzanne Collins' who was outraged by a flurry of racist comments regarding the character Rue. I love the pages' dedication to "Hunger Games fans on Twitter who dare to call themselves fans yet don't know a damn thing about the books."

Initially, I meant to post and discuss several of the actual comments that showed up on Twitter, but then I realized that would only give these dirtbags additional exposure. It's all there at Jezebel, if you have the stomach for this shit. And much of it is genuinely inhumanly vile fucking shit. I'd love to see some of these children wake up black in Birmingham, Alabama in, oh, say, 1964, faced with police dogs and fire hoses. Note, also, that most of these Twitter accounts have since been deleted by the users. I checked in on many of them today.

Spooky and I will see the movie tomorrow. You may recall I loved the novel.

3) Today, I wrote another 1,399 words on "Goggles (c. 1910)," and reached the end of this very, very bleak tale. Spooky almost cried when she finished reading it. I was glad the ending actually came out with a bit more humanity than I'd expected. The story needs a quick polish, but otherwise, it's ready to go to the editor (I'll announce the book's title soon, if you've not guessed it already). And no, I'm not trying to end steampunk. I've written my last steampunk story, and am offering a comment on all those steampunk stories that can be best described as told through "rose-colored goggles."

I think that's all for now.
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