greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Howard Hughes vs. the Pink Robots (Part 5?)

First, a couple of links (a podcast and an article):

Jeff VanderMeer writes about The Ammonite Violin & Others for

A podcast (Episode 93) wherein Peter Straub, Jonathan Straham, and Gary Wolfe talk about the damage wrought by "genre" pigeonholing, and say very, very amazingly kind things about The Drowning Girl: A Memoir.


A beautiful day Outside, and I simply don't think I can sit here indoors. Currently, it's 74˚F beyond these walls, but we'll have rain and cooler temperatures tomorrow. I had proofreading and email and Spooky packing eBay stuff all morning, so we had no hope of making it to the sea. But I can at least wander Providence. Oh, and we'll go to the post office, so look for your packages soon. A new round of eBay probably begins tomorrow. Another night without enough sleep, but at least I can't recall the dreams.

Unleashing Herself,
Aunt Beast
Tags: genreville, jeff vandermeer, literary, outside, peter straub, podcasts, spring, the ammonite violin & others, the drowning girl, weather, weird fiction

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