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"They had lights inside their eyes. They had lights inside their eyes."

It comes as no surprise that it's still cold as hell in Providence [if you're me], but...

1. Last night's Brown University Bookstore "book release party" for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir was a success, I'm happy to say. We sold a lot of books. I know, because I signed a lot of books, and then only two were left on the table. It was extraordinarily bow tie, indeed. I talked about making the trailer, and I read from chapters 3 and 7/7/7/7. I was very pleased that Sara Murphy (who plays Eva Canning in the trailer) made it, and there were many other friends and familiar faces. Geoffrey, I hope you and Sonya were not eaten by a roving band of werewolves on the way back to the train station. Brian and Jonathan, I wish you could have gone to dinner with us afterwards. Okay, Brian Evanson, you came to dinner, but then left early. Robert, thanks for having me again, and Barry, thanks for inviting Cthulhu (I'd have thought he would have had a previous engagement in an alternate dimension).

2. Are four and a half blood droplets a better rating than five bats? I can't decide, though I have now received both. Regardless, this (no bats, no blood) is the absolute best book review any novel of mine has ever received, at "Necessary Fictions: The Drowning Girl: A Memoir by Caitlin R. Kiernan." And I am very, very grateful for it. I am grateful that it is actually a review, not a book report, and I am grateful that it taught me things about the novel I'd not yet puzzled out on my own.

3. No, I am not in Manhattan today.

4. kylecassidy is posting a series of his stills from The Drowning Girl shoot, one for each of seven days (beginning yesterday), and they are amazing, and you ought go see them (after you finish reading this), and watch for them in the days to come.

5. A reminder that the "Mithrien (Pay Spooky's Mom Back for the New iMac) Fund" eBay auctions continue. And, especially, (to quote Spooky from last night): "Just a quick reminder about the auction of the ARC of Confessions of a Five-Chambered Heart, which ends tomorrow [now today] at 12:29pm PST. This is the only copy we will be auctioning. This is one of only a handful that survived from a misprinted edition. The ARCs are being reprinted for reviewers, as Subpress is not sending out any of the copies with the misprint (their decision). This is also your only chance to read the book before its publication in July."

6. If ever you have thought a book needs to come with any sort of "warning label," and if you think the highly-questionable term "triggery" can in any way ever be applied to art in a negative sense, do us all a favor and stop reading, or seeing movies, or visiting galleries, or whatever. Art is a hammer. Art is meant to push. Or, in short, fuck you and your glass psyche.

7. And there are a few photos from last night, behind the cut (Cthulhu was always out of frame, the jerk):

Green truck!


Jazz hands!

All photographs Copyright (c) 2012 by Kathryn A. Pollnac

I got to sleep last night sometime after three ayem, watching Stuart Walker's Werewolf of London (1935; a spectacularly awful film), and thinking about getting back to work today of the script for Alabaster: Wolves #5. Which is what I shall now do. After I brush my teeth. And stuff.
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