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"I hate it when it all stays the same, caught between the cold and the waves."

First! Talked to West Thordson (thank you kylecassidy just now, because I wanted to give the band a little bit of promotion here, after they let use there beautiful song – which, by the way, is titled "Your Hand" and will appearing on a forthcoming A Whisper in the Noise album. Go here more of there songs! Meanwhile, here is the newly released video for "Your Hand" (and it's gorgeous, the song and the video; yeah, I gush):

Also, I've had several people propose a PayPal button for the "Mithrien Fund," so that smaller donations may be made. Yes, it's true. Most of the eBay auctions quickly go too pricy for most folks (myself included), and here's another way you can help out. Truly, every dollar helps:

Slashing Around, Cutting a Zero in Everything, (Thank you, David Bowie),
Aunt Beast
Tags: a whisper in the dark, david bowie, kyle cassidy, mithrien, money, music, music videos, the drowning girl

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