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"And still in toil, it takes heart to love the rose."

Okay. Stuff. I hope people are still reading this journal:

1. The eBay auctions are slowly picking up pace. Today a copy of The Ammonite Violin & Others limited was added. Please have a look, and bid if you can. All proceeds go to offset the very large and unexpected expense of yesterday's new iMac purchase.

2. Dark Horse has announced that a four-page Alabaster story, "Shelter," will appear as part of Free Comic Book Day! The story will be divided over the day's two FREE issues, alongside stories from Star Wars and Serenity, Buffy and The Guild. For those who do not know, Free Comic Book Day is May 5th. As with Alabaster: Wolves, "Shelter" is drawn by Steve Lieber and colored by Rachelle Rosenberg.

3. Today I wrote 1,768 words and finished "Here Is No Why," the new short story which will appear in Sirenia Digest #75. I hope to have the issue out by Saturday at the latest, as soon as Vince finishes the drawing for the new story.

4. briansiano, Spooky, and I are in the final stages of editing the full-length trailer for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. If you thought the teaser was amazing, just wait. It's looking as if the final cut is going to clock in around two minutes.

5. jenjen4280 asks:

A question about pre-orders vs. buying it the day it's published: does it matter? Is there one you prefer over the other? I'd heard that pre-ordering can screw up how a publisher figures out whether or not a book becomes a "best seller" or some such.

Either way is fine. Publishers love preorders. I've never heard otherwise. In fact, publishers tend to rely on preorders to determine how well a book will sell. jenjen4280 also writes:

One last thing - I just read that the Alabaster story from Dark Horse Presents #9 will be featured as a back-up in a couple comics for Free Comicbook Day.

As I said above, the FCBD story is a different story from the 8-page preview of "Wolves" that appeared in Dark Horse Presents. Entirely different thing.


Okay. I think that's all for now. Things are going well with Mithrien. I spent today not only writing but also learning to use Pages. I've been using MS Word since 1986, but I was not about to shell out an extra two hundred bucks because Microsoft now bundles Word with lots of shit I'll never, ever need. It's going well. Pages is fairly intuitive, and not so different from Word. Most importantly, it cost only $20.

Tonight we're going to finally watch Julie Taymor's adaptation of The Tempest (2010), and then continue reading Fellowship of the Rings aloud (sometimes, only Tolkien will do). Oh, and thank you to Steven Lubold, for the remaining three Stars CDs!
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