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"The longest shadows ever cast." (2?)

Thanks for yesterday's comments. Comments are good (as opposed to the jabs and baited, snarky nonsense that led to me making my Facebook "friends only"). I like comments. They're one of the things I'll miss about the day-to-day journaling.

My mother is doing fine. could have been better. Though, I did get good news from my agent (she rocks). Oh, and, by the way, turns out my film agent isn't dead after all. I was laboring under a misconception born of his startling, longstanding silence. No, I actually said to Merrilee, "I thought he was dead." Um. Okay, back to yesterday. Mostly, it was spent waiting to learn more about upcoming deadlines, to figure out whether I need to start a Lovecraftian sf story or a "steampunk" (ergo, also sf) story. yesterday evening, I learned it will be the former, so I'm still reading back over At the Mountains of Madness. Perhaps I can actually begin the story today. The month is withering on the vine. I'm still waiting for my editor's notes on Alabaster #4, so I can revise and write Alabaster #5. Which means the short story comes first. At least, it comes before #5. Maybe not before the revision of #4.

Also, I want meat pants.

The eBay auctions continue! Please have a look.

Also, we're still looking at covering the overage from the trailer shoot/still-photo project for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. Anyone who wants to help out can drop a few bucks our way via PayPal, by using this button:

...or you can purchase this print by kylecassidy, of Sara Murphy as Eva Canning, and that helps, too.

Not much else to yesterday. Oh, workwise, I did an interview with Lightspeed (an author's spotlight to accompany their reprinting "The Steam Dancer [1893]"). That was after dinner, and leaves me with only seven or eight interviews to go (unless more show up, which they might...but I hope not). Later, I read "Caipirasuchus paulistanus, a new sphagesaurid (Crocodylomorpha, Mesoeucrocoylia) from the Adamantina Formation (Upper Cretaceous, Turonian-Santonian), Bauru Basin, Brazil" in the December '11 JVP. And I began Weishampel and Jianu's Transylvanian Dinosaurs (Johns-Hopkins, 2011).

Thinking Bad Thoughts,
Aunt Beast
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