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from two billion miles

I was reading the European Space Agency's website, looking for news of the Huygens probe, and I started staring at this illustration (below). And I thought, this is science fiction, this painting, but shortly, very shortly, it'll be replaced with actual images, and then it will become something else, whatever it is that speculation, even very educated speculation, becomes when replaced by fact. And then I saw that the first raw, unprocessed images had already come in. From altitude, there appear to be deep river valleys (methane?) and an ocean. A close-up shows rounded, cobble-like chunks of ice. And there you go, I thought.

It's already happened...

Be proud of yourselves, humans. For a moment, forget your holy wars and political squabbles, your greed and pettiness, your fears and hatreds. Just look at this. This is why you're here.


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