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"When you cut into the present the future leaks out."

On this day in 1914, William S. Burroughs was born. Outside, it's cold and sunny.

Yesterday, I did nothing worth speaking of except interviews relating to Alabaster: Wolves. And, as I said, I hate interviews. What's more, when you're doing ten or twelve all in a row and on the same subject, you can bet certain questions will be asked in each and every interview. I need to make serious headway with these today, as it's a short month, we're six days into it, and I have a comic script to write, and at least one short story (never mind Sirenia Digest).

It's starting to look as if my recent headaches may not be "migraines," after all. They may, in fact, be cervicogenic headaches, resulting from a neck injury, so whoopee.

Yesterday, I read "Rytiodus heali, sp. nov., a new sirenian (Mammalia, Dugonginae) from the Miocene of Libya," in the latest JVP. I watched a Nova documentary on the crash of Air France Flight 447.

We continue trying to cover the ~$600 overage incurred during the filming of the trailer for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir and The Drowning Girl: Stills From A Movie That Never Existed. To help out, kylecassidy has one of his beautiful photographs of Eva Canning (as played by Sara Murphy) on sale for a mere $30, an 8"x12" print suitable for framing. Have a look, and thank you.

Okay. Now, says the platypus, I must go and spend the day saying the same things about myself over and over and over and over and...

Blade Running,
Aunt Beast
Tags: alabaster, comics, interviews, jvp, kickstarter, kyle cassidy, money, pain, the drowning girl, william s. burroughs

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