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You're not awake, and, yet, you're going to write.

Here in Providence, we might not have snow, but we do have the cold weather. Currently, it's 32˚F and feels like 25˚F. But the sun is shining.

The entire contents of my LJ has now been transferred to Dreamwidth. I'll continue making my entries here for the time being, but may switch over to DW on the 13th, the day on which I'll have made a LJ post every day for one year. Everything's just so much cozier here on LJ. And I have a permanent account (with squid), and I'm not about to pay DW (or anyone else) for a fancier account. Oh, and all my comments were transferred, as well. Only some images were lost. And maybe I can live with the butt-ugly layout (but not the bouncy pink bats).

It's hard to believe that a workday can be entirely consumed by email, and, yet, yesterday was entirely consumed by email. And, hell, Spooky even answered nine of the damn things for me (as me). By the time it was all done, I was far too annoyed and harried to actually write. So, today I'll get the prolegomenon for Sirenia Digest #74 written, pull the issue together, then send it off to thingunderthest to be PDF'd. With luck, subscribers will have the issue before midnight (CaST, which is the same as EST+1). Ah, one other thing. Part the Second of "The Lost Language of Littoral Mollusca and Crustacea" will be included in #75, next month. This month, I felt more like writing stories.

My publicist at Dark Horse has about ten Alabaster-related interviews lined up for me this month. I get tired just thinking about that. Oh, speaking of which, you can see Greg Ruth's truly beautiful cover for Alabaster #2, exclusively at Bloody Disgusting Comics. Greg's second cover is even more amazing than his first.


We got a pizza last night, and wasted the rest of the evening on MMORPGs. And I do think wasted is the appropriate word. In, SW:toR, we made Level 40. And our increasingly nonfunctional guild's leaders were no-shows for a scheduled RP night, so I had to pick up the slack. This is one reason I left Rift, because I don't have the time or energy to run RP (I barely have time to RP). When all was said and done, I was so disgusted that I logged off SW:toR and downloaded the 1.7 patch for Rift. I hadn't been in as Selwynn since sometime in December. And it was weird, and oddly nostalgic, and a little sad. I just rode my yarnosaur round and round the Chancel of Labors, trying not to be pissed about the SW:toR situation, trying to console myself with thoughts of Oh well, it was really good while it lasted, until the guild leaders got bored and wandered off to play three other games. I fucking shit you not. Three other games. Simultaneously. Anyway, some quick thoughts on SW:toR and Rift:

1. I finally reached Hoth! Beautifully designed (this is the planet that inspired my version of Nebari Prime). But...we have to ride speeders on Hoth, not tauntauns (though tauntauns are everywhere). What the fuck, Bioware? Just couldn't be bothered?

2. Another peculiarity about SW:toR, and one that seems to bother no one but me and Spooky: It's never night, on any of the planets. It's always day. Hell, even WoW has night and day, dawn and dusk. This is a HUGE case of "just couldn't be bothered."

3. I'd be a better writer – and a happier, healthier person – if I didn't squander so much of my life on MMORPGs. This is a warning. You know, like that signal intercepted by the commercial towing vessel Nostromo (Registration # 180246) on its way back from Thedus.

4. Yeah, so...after less than a year, Rift has gone from the alternative to WoW brave enough to take itself seriously to the MMORPGs offering (gag) "Ascendant Weddings" inworld in a special wedding instance. Er...yeah. Oh, and "Fae Yule" (i.e., Xmas on Telara) with it's red-nosed corgies and Xmas trees and evil snowmen. I think it's time Rift butch up and admits it's running scared. When you start taking cues from Second Life, something is seriously fucked. Oh, and reading over all the 1.7 notes, it's truly astounding how much easier Trion has made the game with this one patch. I don't know why they don't just cut to the chase and let players begin at Level 50.

And that, kittens, is my cue to skedaddle. Gotta write.

Aunt Beast
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