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"And I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad."

Yesterday, the temperature climbed near 60˚F here in Providence. Today, we'll be lucky to reach 44˚F. Presently, it's mostly cloudy and 43˚F (36˚F if you factor in the windchill). I noted that in Atlanta the temperature is currently 68˚F, and, yet, I'm still glad not to be there. I have rarely lived anywhere so bereft of a "soul" as is Atlanta. By soul, here, I suspect that I mean "a sense of place," or, more simply, an identity.


My inbox reveals that I have almost ten interview/Q&A things to give (with Steve Lieber) before Dark Horse Presents #9 is released on February 22nd. And I'm wondering, given that we'll pretty much be getting the same set of questions over and over again, will anyone notice if I resort to a "cut and paste" approach?

We currently have a few eBay auctions up. Please have a look! Thanks, kittens.

Er...other stuff. After this entry, and the eleven daily entries that follow it, I will have made at least one post per day to LJ for an entire year.* Yesterday, I began the arduous process of backing my whole LJ (2004-now) up at Dreamwidth (DO NOT YET LOOK FOR ME THERE). Everything has been transferred except the comments, and they've been sitting in a queue for the past fourteen hours or so. We're talking millions of words, the comments alone. Of course, if I want all this text to be safely archived, the only genuine solution is to put it all in an MS Word file, and/or PDF, and then print the whole monstrous thing out (I'd sacrifice the comments) and put the boxes and boxes of paper in safe, climate-controlled storage. Eventually. I already have all of my Blogger (2001-2004) backed up as a PDF. I can't stand the thought of losing more than a decade of writing, and there exists no technology but print to even begin to insure it's preservation. I want to be able to look back at this text in twenty years. Right now, I have twenty-year-old diskettes filled with invaluable data I can't access without a lot of effort, and twenty-five-year old floppy disks I can't access at all (including unpublished fiction). I won't have that happen again.**

I am very pleased to see that I have three works on Locus Magazine's 2011 Recommended Reading List. Of the three, I am most pleased that "The Maltese Unicorn" made the novelette category. The other two works on the list are "Tidal Forces" (short story) and Two Worlds and In Between (collection). Of course, I'm also very happy to see that "Tidal Forces" made it, as it originally appeared in Sirenia Digest #55 (June 2010). If you're a fan of my work and you're missing the digest, you're missing a lot more than weird erotica. You're missing some of my best writing.

And here are two more photos from the Sunday shoot in Pennsylvania. Remember, kylecassidy is running a special on this print, as we try to cover overages incurred while filming the trailer for The Drowning Girl.


I'm running out of time, as there's so much work to be done today. But yesterday was an unexpectedly good day off. Lunch at Tortilla Flats, and then we visited Providence's only fetish shop – Mister Sister on Wickenden Street. Very bow tie. Now, I will sit here in my Small Beer Press T-shirt and pull words out of my butt.

Just Call Me Bullwinkle,
Aunt Beast

* The plan is still to reach February 13th, complete the one-year blogging marathon, and then cut back drastically on the amount of time I spend on these entries. I expect the blog to become, primarily, a place for news, book and eBay announcements, photographs, occasional con reports, etc.

** I'm going to be "moving" to Dreamwidth, ASAP, but entries will be mirrored here, and I'll still be answering comments here. So, though "moving" there, I'll still be here. Right.
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