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from out my book-lined hole...

I did 1,104 words on Chapter Two of Daughter of Hounds yesterday, much to my relief. Perhaps this book is gathering momentum after all! I wrote to Tom Waits' Real Gone yesterday, a goddamn superb disc and the perfect accompaniment for the beginning of Chapter Two.

It seems like I got off about a hundred e-mails yesterday, which means I'm maybe halfway to caught up on correspondence. After dinner, I finished the "winter special" script for, which was immediately sent off the Leh'agvoi to be drawn. It's the first comic script that I've done since Bast: Eternity Game in 2002, so it was interesting to be working in that format again (and to be doing so freely, with no editorial interference). I'm fairly happy with the result, an important bit of prophecy both for Nar'eth personally and for the Nebari people, and you'll get to see a kragat! I'd also intended to spend some time working on my soth'eerni shards, working the Nebari "runes" into the glass, but it was 10 p.m. by the time I got around to it and discovered the engraving's going to be much slower going than I'd anticipated. So, not much progress on that front.

I woke this morning at frelling 5 a.m. and was unable to fall asleep again. I got up and discovered the still-dark street was blanketed with a wonderful fog. I went into my office and did some editing on the ms. for To Charles Fort, With Love. As I mentioned yesterday, the book will not include a number of stories I'd hoped that it would. It will include the following:

Preface, "Looking for Innsmouth"
"Spindleshanks (New Orleans, 1956)"
"So Runs the World Away"
"Standing Water"
"La Peau Verte"
"The Dead and the Moonstruck"
"The Road of Pins"
The Dandridge Cycle:
"A Redress for Andromeda"
"Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea"
"Andromeda Among the Stones"
Afterword by Ramsey Campbell

The inspiration to include an index occurred to me this morning. It will be an interesting addition and only a small annoyance to actually put together. Anyway, about six, realizing that I'd never make it through the day without more sleep, I took half an Ambien and slept until a quarter after nine.

There are a couple of new things that have been added to the eBay auctions, including a lot of three anthologies (The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories for Women, Dark Terrors 5, and The Mammoth Book of New Terror), as well as the ARC of The Dry Salvages which I marked up during revision of the novella. That last one's for bidding and has no "buy it now" option (though I will privately entertain offers). I virtually never let this sort of thing out of my hands, but Spooky's dental bill comes first. Many of the corrections that I made to the story were first made on this copy of the ARC, and there are editing marks on almost every page, all in my hand. And, of course, there's lots of other good stuff in the auction.

It's sunny out and warm, and there's cold on the way, so I think I'm going out, to a park or something. I can save my writing for tonight, That might work. If it doesn't, if I can't pick up the writing after being out all day, well, I've many cold days ahead to make up for it.

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