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Bright Night

No sleep yet. Well, about twenty minutes this afternoon. Currently, it's 82˚F inside, and frightfully muggy. I think I'm having New Orleans 1995 flashbacks.

Lying in bed, watching the dark that's already begun to fade, and reading about thylacines. Thinking about all the work that didn't get done in July and has to get done in August. Terrified at how fast summer is slipping past, and yet suffering summer. I've taken all my meds for the night (morning), but still no sleep and still this restless, tumbling mind.

I'm not even sure I'm sleep before dawn. We have, officially, 58 minutes before sunrise. But the sky will be bright in another ten or fifteen minutes. I've always been an alien, but here I am not even attuned to the sky.


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Jul. 24th, 2011 08:46 am (UTC)
I suppose it is dawn out there. I'm on the Cape, listening to what sounds like a foghorn, though the sky was clear enough earlier, I could see stars that are not usually visible from Boston. I didn't expect to sleep tonight anyway, but it would be a pleasant surprise.

Be well on Mars, where the sun rises differently.
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