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"And am I born to die..." part of our Big Damn eBay Sale, Spooky's put up something I have never previously offered. Before I do a painting, I do numerous studies in colored pencil. The canvas I've been working on, Black Ships Ate the Sky (yes, Current 93, and my nightmares), has several of these studies. Mostly, they allow me to block, work out color schemes, and get a lot of ideas out of my system so I don't clutter up the canvas with things that don't actually belong there. I've never before offered one for sale. Indeed, it never occurred to me to do so.

However, the recent(ish) Study for Yellow 1 and Study for Yellow 2 auctions did well. So, when Spooky suggested I put one of these up, I agreed. So, here is Study 3 for Black Ships Ate the Sky (2011).

By the way, the painting isn't finished (close, but not quite). It also isn't for sale, and I presently have no plans to sell it. I think it's just too personal. Though, I don't know what I will do with it. My paintings aren't usually things I want to look at after I'm done with them.

But I digress...and yikes, four uses of "so" in one entry.
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