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Addendum: red to red, white to white, yellow to yellow

I've just uploaded a short Farscape transcript to, an extended version of Scene 19 from "A Constellation of Doubt." It's a really extraordinary scene (with some genuinely fine acting from Gigi Edgley), and it's a shame that the full version was cut and relegated to the DVD. Anyway, consider this a comment from me on the horror of Xmas and American consumerism (there will be more such comments as we move nearer Ground Zero), as well as other things. As a little background for those unfamiliar with the episode, it's a news exposé composed of video footage shot by John Crichton's nephew, Bobby, during the brief time that the crew of Moya were on Earth, intended by the fictional producers to demonstrate that the presence of the aliens is a threat to humanity. But it ends up revealing far more about humans than about Nebari, Hynerians, Luxans, Sebaceans, Kalish, etc.

Scene 19 (extended)

Oh, and Bill Schafer tells me that, at some point, we actually had a conversation wherein I approved the white endpapers in the trade edition of The Dry Salvages. The limited edition will have coloured endpapers. I don't remember this conversation, but I trust that it did, in fact, occur. These days, I do good to remember my own phone number.

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