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polish her glass eyes

I thought I'd get nothing written today. But then, after a late lunch, the words started coming. And for this I am grateful. Chapter Three of The Girl Who Sold the World is now up on, after — what? — a year or so.

Chapter Three

Of course, it's been so frelling long since chapters One and Two went up, you may want to start at the beginning:

Chapter One

And background information of Nar'eth and her family may be found on the manga page:


I'm absolutely flummoxed at how difficult it is to write this particular story. Never mind that it's "just" fan-fic, and it's really mostly just for me, it's proven a lot more difficult than my other work. Largely, I've realized, this is because I have no recourse to a lot of homocentric language and imagery. The eight-year-old Nar'eth's frame of reference is entirely alien, and though it encompasses several races and languages, none of them are human. So, for example, it would make no sense to refer to a sky as "china blue" or to say someone was "stubborn as a mule." An awful lot of the English language is, indeed, useless to me in this endeavor. Of course, if I were to do it the right way, this story would be written in Nebari, using the Nebari alphabet. But I'm not quite ready for that yet. I think I want to try a few poems in Nebari before I attempt prose. But, perhaps this story can be translated later. Yep, I'm dead serious.

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