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and a Tesla coil where her heart should be

Yesterday was a frustrating, tangled mass of distraction and inconvenience, which, in the end, conspired to make work almost impossible. I did about five hundred words on The Girl Who Sold the World. This, of course, was only an exericise to get me back into the novel, but even it seems just out of my grasp. I'm not sure what I'll try today — go back to TGWStW, read the prologue of Daughter of Hounds, or look at other projects that need looking at. I have enough work right now for two writers and all the energy of a garden slug. All the motivation of a brick. All the passion of a blown light bulb.

I should see finished copies of the trade edition of The Dry Salvages tomorrow, and those of you who ordered should be getting them soon. I've put an unusual amount of effort into this little book, from the story itself to concept of the cover art to the layout of the dust jacket. I've had a hand in every part of its creation, it seems. I hope it shows. No, I hope it shows for the better. This from Bill Schafer (subpress) last night, "...we have more orders than we'll have copies of The Dry Salvages, so anyone who wants one should order NOW. I'm sure Amazon and various distributors ordered more than they need, initially, but I suspect TDS will be scarce on the ground in a couple of months." So, do like the man says, if you want a copy of this book. I'll have a very few copies for eBay, but only a very few, because many of my personal copies have already been promised to other people.

Spooky and I have decided to put the current eBay auction on pause. The combined effects of me being so busy and our having to wrestle with dial-up has made the whole matter of processing orders and relisting books far, far more time consuming than normal. So, the stuff that's up now might be all that gets listed until after Xmas. We currently have about fifteen orders from the past week that we have to get out. I spent an hour and a half night last night drawing monsters, so orders should start going into the mail in the next couple of days. Upshot — if you want to buy something from me before Xmas, you better do so now. If we get these orders out by, say, Monday, we might relist some things. We'll see.

I feel as though I'm writing in circles this morning.

It's raining again.

Anyway, I have the day to contend with. More later.

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