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"Do it just like yesterday. Then I can go home to Jesus."

Some stuff I forgot to say this morning, and some more Dax. Because, like bow ties, she's still cool.

My two favorite photos of Danielle Dax, behind the cut:

The photo I used for the icon, which is on the back of Blast the Human Flower (1990). I wanted to post it large, because the icon mangles it. The very fucking definition of sexy.

And a still from her appearance in Neil Jordan and Angela Carter's The Company of Wolves (1984), wherein she played the wolf girl who climbed out of a well and lived with an elderly priest. A transcript:



track in on the well. Wind blows. Pigeons erupt into the shot.

ROSALEEN (vo) Once upon a time. . .

The well mechanism, cogs turning.

ROSALEEN (vo) . . . when the village was asleep. . .

The edge of the well: a wolf appears over the lip, its eyes glowing in the
dark. It lifts its muzzle exploratorily, looks into the camera.

ROSALEEN (vo) . . . a she-wolf came, from the world below to the world

A cottage window, which lights up as someone inside approaches the window
holding a candle.

The wolf on the well lifts its head in response to a distant howling, and
howls back.

It lowers its head and jumps down out of shot.

Wolf moves away from the well uncertainly.

It looks about.

It trots away from the village towards the bridge.

ROSALEEN (vo) She meant no harm. . .

The wolf on the bridge, the church spire visible in b.g.

ROSALEEN (vo) . . . to anyone, but someone meant harm to her.

Cottage door opens; pan down to reveal a MAN holding a rifle.

He fires.

CLOSEUP as the bullet strikes the wolf's leg.

It wheels around, yelping with pain.

It flees over the bridge towards the church, whining.


The she-wolf limps through the underbrush, panting in pain.

ROSALEEN (vo) So she ran. . . and she ran. . .


ROSALEEN (vo). . . and she ran again. . .

The wolf limps up the stone steps leading to the rectory.

The wolf hesitates, her eyes glowing.

CLOSEUP of light shining out from beneath the door.

The wolf lowers her head and whimpers.

She limps further up the steps to the door.

She wheels and runs back down as the door opens and the OLD PRIEST emerges.

He looks out into the misty churchyard.

OLD PRIEST Who's there? Who's there?

The wolf looks out from behind a tombstone.

The OLD PRIEST comes down the steps slowly; camera PANS right to reveal the
WOLF GIRL crouching down where the wolf was previously.

She is naked, her body hidden by her long black hair, holding out her arms
in supplication.

The OLD PRIEST recoils in alarm.

OLD PRIEST This is holy ground!

The WOLF GIRL holds out her arms.

The OLD PRIEST extends his arms.

Their hands meet.

OLD PRIEST Can you speak?

He kneels down beside her.

Her face is streaked with tears.

OLD PRIEST Are you God's work, or the Devil's? (she looks away) Oh, what do
I care whose work you are. . .

He takes her wounded arm and wraps a cloth around it.

OLD PRIEST . . . you poor, speechless creature?

He smiles reassuringly at her as he wraps the bandage tightly.

He puts one hand to her wet cheek.

OLD PRIEST It will heal. . . in time.

He holds her, stroking her hair gently. Camera pans away amongst the

ROSALEEN: (vo) And the wound did heal. . .

The WOLF GIRL's tear-stained face.

ROSALEEN (vo) . . . for she was just a girl after all. . .

INSERT: CLOSEUP of a white rose in full bloom.

ROSALEEN (vo) . . . who had strayed from the path in the forest. . .

Slowly the rose opens and turns deep red.

CLOSEUP of the WOLF GIRL weeping.

ROSALEEN (vo) . . . and remembered what she'd found there.

INSERT: the rose turns completely red as it opens fully.


The WOLF GIRL moves slowly through the underbrush.

The village with the church spire in b.g.

ROSALEEN (vo) So back through the forest she ran and ran. . .

The WOLF GIRL creeps across the bridge, her long hair hiding her naked form.

She moves across the bridge.

She approaches the well.

ROSALEEN (vo) . . . to the well,and the village, from whence she came. . .

She approaches the well cautiously, then climbs up onto the lip.

She slowly lowers herself down into the well.

ROSALEEN (vo) She crept inside, to the world below . . .

close shot of the WOLF GIRL's spread hand disappearing over the lip of the



I meant to say there was very good rp with omika_pearl last night. And, Riftwise, Spooky and I did the Iron Tomb with stsisyphus and friends. Later, while I was rping, he and she continued to quest together, and rob cairns, and dance with squirrels.

And thanks for all the comments, guys. It truly has been helping. Sometimes, it's good to know the last Martian has all this human company.

* Can't seem to make the superfluous </center> go away.
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