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Question @ Hand # Next it is. All answers are screened, and will not be visible to anyone but me. Except, obviously, if you reply to this on Facebook, everyone will see what you say. So say whatever you want, no matter how weird, perverse, or macabre. Don't hold back. The best answers will appear (anonymously) in Sirenia Digest #65.


If I were to be pressed into servitude as a freak in a carnival sideshow, and if you were to have a hand in how I would be made freakish and how I would be presented to the carnival-going public...what would you make of me? Yes, illusion and chicanery may be involved. But nothing's too outlandish.

have fun...

Postscript (7:59 p.m.): Back up your response before you post it. I'm hearing that LJ may be eating things. For now, you might want to send responses directly to me at greygirlbeast(at)gmail(dot)com and sorry for the inconvenience.

Postscript II (8:12 p.m.): Strike that. Screened comments appears to be working fine. It's still always a good idea to back up posts.
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