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Yesterday was just short of a total waste. The worst of it was an aborted picture hanging in the living room that almost turned into my knocking a hole in an unexpectedly flimsy wall. Clinging onto the ladder by my bare toes, listening to plaster falling behind the wall, I got a sickly, defeated feeling in my belly and called it a day (and please, no diy advice; it's just gonna piss me off). Spooky and I went for a short walk in the new neighborhood. Twilight was just coming on. I noticed a patch of newer cement where someone named Jessie had written his or her name sometime back in 2002. The last of the bright leaves are clinging to the trees here, and I can feel real winter coming on. Solstice is close, so at least the days will begin getting longer again. That's something. My decision to remain on Daylight Savings Time has helped, but we're reaching the point where the days feel truncated, even with that extra hour. I was talking about the walk, wasn't I? Yeah. Well, we walked one way, then we walked back the other. Ta-da!

I never did mention that Spooky and I saw Incident at Loch Ness the other day. I think that was Thursday, but it might have been Wednesday (Spooky sez Wednesday). Anyway, it was an entirely delightful film that reminded me I need to pay more attention to Werner Herzog.

Today, there has to be work. I have to proofread "The Worm in My Mind's Eye," and lay out the cover for same. Many thanks to Arvin Clay for coming up with the snazzy ANSA logo. I'm almost disappointed that The Dry Salvages will be sold out on publication. I would like it to get a wider readership. You will, however be able to puchase copies of the accompanying Nyarlathotep CD (which I think is being called A Self-Contemplating Shadow after a line from Blake which is integral to the story and also appeared as an epigraph to Murder of Angels) seperately, both from me via eBay and from the band. I'll post more info that that effect later. Anyway, like I said, the proof and then layout the cover and, also, I've sworn to banish all cardboard boxes from my office by day's end. We'll see about that last part.

Speaking of eBay, we've added copies of Trilobite: The Writing of Threshold to our current auctions. Note that our stock of these is getting low, so we won't be offering them very much longer.

There are people round here putting these huge, ugly inflatable Santas and snowmen and dren in their yards. It's utterly grotesque. These great, swollen, glowing effigies, like literal totems erected to the gluttonous consumer frenzy that American Xmas has become. I think it's time to buy a BB-gun.

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