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Retraction (of sorts)

Addendum: So, this morning I stated, in my comments on Gerald Allen's bigotry, that Alabama has an average IQ of 90. I drew this information from a diagram that was very widely circulated on the internet and even appeared in The Economist shortly after the election, a diagram which purported to show a correlation between higher IQs and states that went Democrat (and vice verse). I was at once informed by grandmofhelsing that the diagram had been shown to be a hoax, and that The Economist had duly printed a retraction. This is true, and it should be a lesson to me to do more than trust a claim that something is based on data from the "National Centre for Education Statistics" and the "Census Bureau." Discarding the hoaxed data, I can not claim to know the average IQ of Alabama. I do not, however, retract my opinion, based on all the years I've lived in Alabama, that it is an extremely inhospitable and intolerant place. But, then, one could say the same of most of America, so maybe I have no point after all.

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