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An bhfuil tú ar meisce fós? Pionta Guinness, le do thoil!

Already St. Patrick's Day again. I hung the flag last night, and tonight I cook corned beef, cabbage, and cál ceannann, and we have Guinness and soda bread. So, we're set, and there will probably be enough food to last us three days. And here's my favorite St. Patrick's Day article: "Why Ireland Has No Snakes" (No Xtian magick is invoked.).

It's bright out there, and the weather is warmer.

Yesterday, Sonya and I finished editing The Dry Salvages, after she typed in all the edits on "Giants in the Earth." I think we were done by 3 p.m. or so, and since her train wasn't until 5:30, we went ahead and edited "The Worm in My Mind's Eye" (a chapbook that accompanied The Dry Salvages, and which will appear in Two Worlds and In Between as a footnote to the short novel). Then she and Kathryn typed in those edits. So, yeah, sovay came and saved me from editing hell...and yeah, it still sucked, but at least I've survived.

Today, I'll be sending The Drowning Girl: A Memoir to my editor at Penguin, and I hope I'll be sending the ms. for Two Worlds and In Between to Bill Schafer at subpress. And then, tomorrow, I begin a three day vacation. After today, I'll have worked twenty-eight days without a single day off, and I mean to have a rest. I'll be setting my email to the auto-response vacation settings, and mostly unplugging.

Last night, I think I was literally too tired to see straight. After dinner, I lay down in front of the fireplace and dozed off for half an hour. When I woke, it was still far too early for bed, so I had a cup of coffee, which I really didn't feel at all. I played about three hours of Rift, though I wasn't actually, technically, awake. I leveled my Kelari cleric, Nilleshna, to 11. Spooky camped out in front of the TV, watched a Nova episode, "Dogs Decoded," then played Bayonetta on the PS3. Then we went to bed and read Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay until almost 4 ayem. I'm pretty sure Mockingjay is the book I wanted Catching Fire to be. Katniss has come into her own, at last. The book actually had me cheering (blearily) last night. So, yeah, saggy middle, but the third book is great so far. And yep, I've heard that Jennifer Lawrence has been cast as Katniss. I have no idea who Jennifer Lawrence is...but that's okay.

And that was yesterday. And there are photos from the past two days:

So tired on Tuesday morning I was only up for half my breakfast.

Now, imagine this multiplied by 1,151 pages. And you have some idea of the past four days.

Sonya makes a sandwich in our cluttered pantry.

Outside on Tuesday, where I would have rather been.

Spooky and Sonya working on Two Worlds and In Between (and Spooky hates having her picture taken).

Aunt Beast, in her unnatural habitat.

Tuesday afternoon, on the way to the market, as we pass the Manchester Street Power Station, just before crossing the Point Street Bridge over the Providence River.

The scariest damn thing in all Eastside Marketplace.

I think I'm growing a fetish for photographing fresh produce.

Tuesday night, and the final hurdle: The Dry Salvages.


Yesterday, me and Sonya working on The Dry Salvages. Okay, she's combing her hair and I'm giving Spooky the Massachusetts State Bird, but shortly after this photograph was taken, the proofreading resumed.

Editing depresses Hubero.

Sonya, in the Providence train station, on her way back to Boston.

All photographs Copyright © 2011 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn Pollnac

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