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I'm sitting here, staring at the veritable mesa of pages, the Murder of Angels CEM and galleys, that have to be read in the next week or so. Typeset, Murder of Angels comes out just slightly longer than Low Red Moon (340 pp. vs. 338 pp.). We're going to get through the prologue and Chapter One ("Dark in Day") this afternoon. We have to do at least a chapter a day to make the May 20th deadline. Fortunately, it's a flexible deadline.

Bill Schafer (Subterranean Press) called yesterday afternoon to congratulate me on the sale of Daughter of Hounds, and we talked about various upcoming projects — To Charles Fort, With Love; the "Alabaster" chapbook; the sf novella I'm writing for him this fall and the possibility of a short sf novel next year; the Dancy Flammarion collection. A lot of stuff. More than it seemed like yesterday. I have all of that in the next year, plus short stories I've agreed to do (and will agree to do), plus The Daughter of Hounds. It's a good thing I'm getting all the work on Murder of Angels out of the way this spring.

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