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this sucks

I am too sore and tired to even think, much less write. So, why am I sitting here at the frelling keyboard? Ask my therapist. She'll at least make up something interesting.

Spooky and I stopped by Blockbuster (turn your head and cough, please) after the last box or lamp or shoe or dinosaur skull was moved for the day, hoping to find something remotely rentworthy. But mostly I just stood and glared in exasperated wonder at the fashion-model pretty women on the covers of several episodes of The L Word. I suppose someone out there thinks this is "exploding stereotypes" or "advancing the cause" or some such dren. Yes, it's true. All lesbians are excruciatingly glamorous women that most men would love to see fool around on TV. Pretty women can be lesbians, too. I hate the world.

Or maybe I'm just waitin' on The D Word.

There. That will have to do for an entry tonight. The movers come tomorrow.

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