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Howard Hughes vs. the Deap-Sea Murlocs

Last night I might have slept close to eight hours, the most I've slept at a stretch in weeks. And I feel much better. All it required was having my Seroquel script refilled. I see my doctor on the 19th, and we're going to talk about Lunesta (Seroquel isn't actually a sleep aid; that's just a fortunate side-effect I've stumbled upon). Probably it's not couth, or particularly prudent, or even interesting to talk of one's pills online. Probably I shouldn't do it. Casual excessive disclosure is a dangerous new phenomenon, and I ought know better.

I'm not at all surprised that LJ can't spell couth. The whole concept has likely fled from the world.

The weather is grey and cold, and more snow is on the way.

Yesterday went pretty much as planned. I signed the signature sheets for Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2. With Spooky's help, I made it through the galley pages for "The Collier's Venus (1893)" and sent the corrections off to ellen_datlow. There was quite a bit of email.

Spooky figured out how to block all those goddamn idiotic "-ville" game apps in my Facebook account, ending a daily deluge of bullshit.

Today, back to work on The Drowning Girl: A Memoir.

I've left the house three days running. Yesterday, we went by Staples (I needed cardboard file boxes), and the pet shop (cats needed wet food), and the market (dinner), and, finally, the drugstore (chemist really does sound much better). Not an interesting trip Outside, but I'm beginning to understand that if one is to venture Outside on a regular basis, one must also accept that most of those trips will be uninteresting.

Last night, much needed rp in Insilico, Molly and Grendel. And then a little WoW after I took the pill to make me sleepy. Oh, and, in case Blizzard's reading (of course, they aren't), giant cockroaches and giant maggots do not isopods and sea slugs make, respectively.

The current eBay auctions end in a couple of hours, so please have a look. Bid if you are able.

Any thoughts on "—30—"?
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