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"Maybe I'd just disappear..."

I think I slept about seven hours. It's been a while since I slept that long at a stretch. Pills were required, and I'm still a bit groggy. But Spooky says I look better than I did yesterday, so I suppose that's something.

I started smoking again yesterday. That might last for a month. Spooky is not happy with me.

Yesterday was spent on Two Worlds and In Between, editing, getting files ready for readingthedark, because he and sovay have agreed to lend me a hand with this monstrous task (and I am enormously grateful).

Geoffrey arrived about seven p.m. (CaST). We got takeout from a Palestinian place nearby. Really, really good food. The best baba ghanoush I've ever had. And then there was talk and talk and talk. He headed back to Framingham about 3 ayem (CaST).

Today, I need to proofread the galley pages for "The Collier's Venus (1893)," for ellen_datlow's forthcoming anthology, Naked City. And I need to sign the signature pages for Subterranean Press' forthcoming anthology, Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2 (which includes my sf story, "Hydrarguros").

Tomorrow, I go back to work on The Drowning Girl: A Memoir.
Tags: editing, house guests, sleep
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