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"The same city where I go when I sleep."

1) I seem to have figured out that the absolute minimum amount of sleep I need to not feel like shit the next day is six hours. Seven is far better, but I can get by on six. Last night, I didn't get six hours. I went to bed at when-the-hell-ever...about 2:30 a.m., I think...but was up again by 3:30, and didn't get to sleep until about 4:45. I puttered about on WoW, waiting for pills to kick in. Not really playing, just puttering (as playing is counterproductive to getting sleepy). I was glad the see all the "Winter's Veil" crap finally taken down. Shah rode her talbuck from Undercity to Shadowfang Keep. Then she traveled to Dalaran, which I was finally able to explore without nightmarish that all the goddamn sheeple have moved back to Orgrimmar ("The NEW Lag Capital of Azeroth!"®).

2) Sirenia Digest #61 went out to subscribers late last night. A special thanks to thingunderthest for wrestling with the PDF for this one. I'd love to hear feedback.

3) All of yesterday was spent proofing and laying out #61, so not much to report, workwise. Rather, not much that isn't dull as dirt. Dull dirt.

Last night, after Night Three of the black-eyed peas I made on New Year's Day, we watched Arnold Laven's deliriously absurd The Monster That Challenged the World (1957). We also watched an episode of No Reservations.

4) There was a moderate seizure last night, the first since September 11th. I've only had two since late August, so I know the meds are doing their job. Before them, I was having two or more a week.

5) And now:

Anyway, today really is a day off. A real day off. Of course, it's cold as a Christian's tit out there. The cold is staring in the window at me, even as I type.
Tags: insomnia, not enough sleep, pills, sirenia, trilobites, warcraft, winter

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