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I am really not very i, am I?

I was just taking a bath, before dinner, and I started to think about how few gadgets have entered my life in this age that seems increasingly gadget-centric. And, also, I tend to hang onto any given electronic device pretty much as long as it has a spark of life.

I've had the same television since 1995. We haven't had cable since we came to Providence in 2008.

My iPod died back in early October, and I haven't yet replaced it. It dated back to early 2005.

My current computer is an iMac, which I got in April 2007, when I thought the screen on my iBook (purchased in 2001) was about to blow. Four years later, the iBook is still going strong; I use it to play DVDs while I sleep. Before the iBook I had a Macintosh Color Classic that I bought in July 1993. The Color Classic worked until it was dropped by a mover in December 2004, after which it grew fritzy. So, over the course of eighteen years, I've had only three computers (a testimony to the durability of the Mac).

I don't have an iPhone, or Blackberry, or anything of the sort. My cellphone was purchased in January 2003, and it still works for the only thing we use it for, making phone calls (no landline). I've never sent a text message via any sort of phone. I've never used Skype, etc.

I use Twitter and Facebook, but only from the iMac.

I don't have a Kindle or any other sort of ebook reader (and have no desire to own one).

I don't have an iPad. I might like to own an iPad, if there wasn't the monthly fee.* Though, I suspect the iPads produced a couple of years from now will be far more impressive than these earliest models.

We have two digital cameras, a Canon PowerShot A75 we got in 2004, and it still works fine. We also have a Canon PowerShot A1100IS that Spooky was given as a birthday present in June 2009. No, our cellphone doesn't take photos.

Our car lacks GPS and it doesn't talk to you, unless you count the radio.

We use the PlayStation 3 as a DVD player and to stream movies via Netflix. We had an XBox (from 2004), but it croaked a couple of years ago. My old PlayStation 2 still works fine.

I have a perfectly functional VHS player I got in 2000, when the one I'd had since 1990 died.

Oh, and there's the Hello Kitty boombox we've had since 2005. And my big-ass Sony stereo, which I got way the hell back in 1988 (Sony and Mac have the best track record, so far as me and electronics are concerned).

And I think that's about it. I don't believe I'm a Luddite, not exactly. I'm not even immune to gadget lust. Mostly, there just always seems to be something I'd rather spend the money on or something I need more than I need another gadget. I think I'm most impressed by my 1941 Royal typewriter, which still works like a charm. I want to see a Blackberry made in 2011 that's still chugging along in 2081...

* scarletboi has informed me that iPads do not require a monthly fee...which shows how gadget savy I am. So, what kind soul wants to give me one?
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