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"A simple plan: We'd be different from all the rest."

Flippancy is the poor man's wit.

Or, to quote Dorothy Parker, "Wit has truth in it; wisecracking is simply calisthenics with words." (My thanks to chris_walsh for reminding me of the latter).

We're not getting snow, though I wish we were. We're getting rain and lots of wind (gusts 40 to 50 mph).


Friday was spent reading back over everything that's been written thus far on The Drowning Girl. We spent hours going over the pages, and I made hundreds of red marks, catching grammatical errors, misspellings, continuity errors, clumsily repeated words, and so forth. I looked up and it was dark, and I had the odd sensation I'd not done enough work that day. Which is idiotic. After writing so much over five days, then spending hours proofreading, a writer should not feel like a bum for not doing more. Anyway, yes, polishing.

Yesterday, I sat down to make all the edits I marked on Friday, but after about forty pages, I lost all patience. Spooky finished for me, mostly, the things she could do on her own. A lot of my editing marks are hard to read, or vague, or indecisive, so she couldn't attend to them all. I sat in the front parlor reading: Hellboy: The Crooked Man & Others and Hellboy: The Wild Hunt.

Tomorrow, I'll begin Chapter Three. Supposedly, today is a day off.


The words are a highway, leading from here to there, and it's almost a bearable thing, so long as I don't remind myself that there is Death.
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