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"I got my mark. See it in my eyes."

Yesterday, I wrote 2,179 words on The Drowning Girl and reached the end of Chapter Two. In the past five days, I've written 9,154 words on the book, when I generally only average about 1,100 words a day. But today I'm going to stop and read back over both One and Two (or 1 and 2, as Imp would have it).

Cold here in Providence.

My thanks to those who've commented on "The Prayer of Ninety Cats," either here, on Facebook, or by email.

Yesterday was the sort of day that needs a lot of hot tea. I began with an Earl Grey made with white tea, then moved along to blend of black tea, orange, cinnamon, and cloves. We watched Micheal Winterbottom's Butterfly Kiss (1995). We seem to be on a Winterbottom kick. Next up, Jude (1996), with Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet.

I was thinking about ragging on the Worgen a little more, but I think I'll do that some other time.

I think my next audiobook may be the unabridged Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, even though it's thirty-two hours long...
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