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"It's just like I told you..."

1. This morning will require numerals. This morning, I need to itemize. So, thing the first, it's chilly here in Providence, and cloudy, and windy. The sort of day that depresses Hubero and me both. However, I have had three consecutive nights of relatively good sleep.

2. Vince needs more time on the illustration for "The Prayer of Ninety Cats," so subscribers should expect Sirenia Digest #60 to arrive in their inboxes either late on Thursday or sometime on Friday. Sorry for the delay. Such are the wages of Turkey Murder Day. And if you aren't a subscriber, all you have to do is follow the link above.

3. Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Also, the Dancy box is officially finished, and will go up on eBay sometime today.

4. I'm simultaneously working on too many things at once. It's starting to look like the "best of" volume won't have a cover by Zdzisław Beksiński. I'm having difficulty communincating with the museum in Częstochowa that holds the copyrights to all his work. It may be the fact that their English is not so great, and my Polish is nonexistent. Regardless, they seem to be of the opinion that the painting in question does not exist, though, if it did, they wouldn't have a high-resolution scan. Or something like that. Anyway, on to Plan B (TBA).

5. Speaking of covers, how can I not make fun of this? With very few exceptions, it's the same crappy art over and over and over. I didn't even know there was a best tramp-stamp award. It's rather telling that there's an award for "Most Unique" (thanks to criada for pointing that out). The good news, the cover for The Red Tree wasn't nominated. I can only hope that by 2015, this "UF/PR" plague will have burnt itself to a torrid cinder.

6. Finished the first Matt Smith season of Doctor Who last night. I wasn't terribly happy with the first half of the season, but the last few episodes rallied and won me over. The last two were very good, and after another season, I might stop missing David Tenant. Also, saw the season finalé of The Walking Dead, which was also very good.

7. As for reading, it's been more Armitage stories by Joan Aiken and more of Shirley Jackson's The Bird's Nest (even though I meant to be reading The Sun Dial).

And now, though there's more, it'll have to wait until later. A long day ahead...


Dec. 2nd, 2010 01:55 am (UTC)
On #5...

I work in the juvinille section of a library, and a routine shelving for me means working my way through a cart of children's novels, followed by the teen books. And what I've become increasingly aware of is how beautifully and creatively illustrated the books for kids are, whereas the covers on the teen lit are just these shitty stock photos that sometimes even appear on the cover of more than one series. And every now and then, I might get back a teen book that was published in the 90's, which often winds up being an R.L. Stine book with a painting of a teenage girl staring in open-mouthed horror at an object that has been impaled by a large kitchen knife. None the less, I wind up staring at it and thinking, 'I can't believe I miss this.'

I don't really know where I'm going with this. But it does seem like when it comes to teenagers, they're stuck in this state of limbo between childhood and adulthood, and everything aimed at their demographic during that time is half-assed and trend based. Like people that age aren't worth creating a lasting piece of art for. But then again, judging by how they consume these horrid tramp stamp books (I'm going to kick the next girl who asks me where the Toilet Saga is), maybe it's no wonder publishers see young readers as garbage disposal for trashy money-makers.