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"You are not gonna see them ever again."

Pull the blindfold down,
So your eyes can't see.
Now run as fast as you can,
Through this field of trees.


Today I have decided to end the Dancy Box auction. It already had two bids, and I apologize. Apologies have been sent to the bidders. It's just not finished, and looking at photos this morning I realized exactly how much it's not finished. I'm sick to fucking death of rushing things because we need the money. I'll do this thing right, and near as I can come to perfection (by my measure), or I will not do it at all, and my debts and expenses be damned. I am art's whore, but I will at least take some degree of dignity in how I present the wares. Anyway, the auction may, hopefully, resume in a week or two. Meanwhile, here are three more photos:

Meanwhile, there are the current eBay auctions, including one of the last copies of Candles for Elizabeth I own.

Eighteen years in, you'd think I'd have something more to show. The punchline is, of course, that I'm better off than most authors.


I've been told it's okay to say that "Tidal Forces" will be appearing in Eclipse Four, edited by Johnathan Strahan. I think the book will be out in 2011.

And work on Two Worlds and In Between: The Best of Caitlín R. Kiernan (Volume One) proceeds apace.

Here's something beautiful and fine (and there's too little of either to go around), Patti Smith reading from the National Book Award nominated Just Kids, via NPR.

Regrettably Yours, By Any Other Name,
Aunt Beast
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