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"...stealing pounds and pence..."

Chilly day here in Providence, but it's really only the internal weather that concerns me.

No word count for yesterday. Hopefully that will happen today. Yesterday was spent on all the many ways I begin to begin a story. I did find a title, "The Prayer of Ninety Cats."

This is going to be a short entry (no, really), because I slept too late. How often does that happen? About seven good hours. Anyway, here are a couple of photographs of Dancy's cigar box, which will go up on eBay later today, along with Letter X of the lettered edition of Alabaster (illustrated by Ted Naifeh):

A thank you to both "Reverend Margot" and Ben Larson for their help with this project. I'm very pleased with the result. Richard Kirk has compared it to Justine Reyes' photographs of her uncle's dresser drawers after his death, which is high praise indeed.


Last night the CoX rp took a rather spectacularly bizarre and baffling turn. In which we learn that if you want to kill a fairy, throwing a Buick at its head might not be the most efficacious strategy. Pretty damn funny, though.

My head hurts (probably, it was the Buick), and I need more coffee....

Boorishly Yours, By Any Other Name,
Aunt Beast
Tags: art, comics, cox, dancy, gaming, the dancy box
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