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A blustery, cold day today. The sky is that shade of blue. Better I be in here, though I want to be out there. But, tomorrow I will be leaving the House for an autumn foliage excursion to parts north. I only hope that this wind has left a few leaves on the trees.

I find it hard to sleep on windy nights. I always find it hard to sleep, but the sound of wind has always made me restless. I've always been this way, all my life. The wind's fine so long as I'm Outside.

Yesterday was not so much productive as the other thing. Then again, it wasn't entirely counterproductive. Perhaps it was only frustrating. Having set aside "There Will Be Kisses For Us All," I need a couple of good ideas for vignettes to write for Sirenia Digest #59. And it seemed reasonable to do some editing for Two Worlds and In Between while I tried to think of stuff. I did a little layout on the manuscript, and then I read "Persephone" and "Two Worlds and In Between." And I could not resist editing and rewriting on both. I tried. I truly tried. "Two Worlds and In Between" was easier on me than getting through "Persephone." But both now have a couple of hundred red marks each. I'm not yet sure whether I'm actually going to make the edits. I'm tempted to yank both stories, because, truthfully, in 1993 and early '94 I was still just figuring out what it was I was trying to do. I read until dark, and it left me shaken and confused. Do these stories belong in a "best of" collection? They're an honest look back at the beginning, that's true, but they are surely not my best. They are, I suppose, the best I was capable of seventeen years ago.

Anyway, besides email and a phone meeting regarding the Secret, that was yesterday. Oh, and I had to sign the income tax forms, and send away more than thousand dollars to help fund wars against countries that have done me no wrong. And Sméagol has some odd ailment of his right nostril, and Spooky has to take him to the vet today. flying out the window. Even though the windows are shut. Money flies, regardless. So, my great thanks to everyone who bid on the recent round of eBay auctions, and especially to the winner of the "napovel." I was stunned, genuinely stunned, at what it went for. I really do kind of love you guys.

Slowly, I'm trying to clean and bring order to my office.

Last night, we watched the new episodes of Fringe and Project Runway. And then I played CoX late into the night, or early into the morning, or both.

I have what I think is the final set of photos from the HPLFF trip. It's a random lot, stuff I probably should have included elsewhere, but didn't. Ergo, there's a legend for each one. They date from September 30th through October 4th. My mind is very, very scattered. I think the festival was so marvelous that it's left me off balance. Again, I say, I don't know how authors who travel for writerly travel ever manage to get anything written.

The tarmac at the Atlanta-Hartsfield airport. This photo has a lovely 1950s Kodachrome feel. I miss the warmth of photographs from that Age. September 30th.

On our way to Portland, the sunset as seen from 35,000 feet, the sunset that seemed to last forever.

The Portland airport, just before Andrew picked us up. Andrew Fuller, I mean. This was the Festival of Many Andrews.

Sunset on Friday night in Portland, as seen from the Hollywood Theater, NE Sandy Boulevard.

The "Riffing of Lovecraft" panel on Saturday afternoon. Right to left: Edward Morris, Ellen Datlow, me, and Marc Laidlaw.

Wiring me up for my keynote speech on Saturday night.

The speech, and the cover that, in 1981, started my love affair with Lovecraft.

Back at the White House, meet Prescott. I'm not sure which day this was taken.

Just before my speech on Saturday night. It seemed like these guys brought just about everything I'd ever written for me to sign, so I loved them. Spooky too the photo, and I, being a wise ass, took a photo of her taking the photo.

Andrew Migliore, festival organizer, preparing the award this year's "Howie" award. Sunday night.

Cthulhu Girl at the ready with the 2010 "Howie."

And the award went to...The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and here's Sean Branney accepting the award.

Satunday night, after the "Howie," before the films. Right to left: Linda Migliore, Andrew Migliore, and Cthulhu Girl.

And Spooky got this great Dagon hoodie from the guys at

All photographs Copyright © 2010 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac.

I am very annoyed there's no photo of me with S. T. Joshi and Wilum Pugmire. Finally meeting Wilum in person was one of the high points of the festival.
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