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...and then again...

No, I'm not going to have two online journals. Beginning sometime in the next few days, this journal will be mirroring everything that goes up on the Low Red Moon Journal. One journal, two locations.

I fear I'm becoming addicted to this LiveJournal thing, though. I think it's the lure of options. All these little things to click. All these lists I can make. You don't get this sort of dren with Blogger. The anal retentive in me is rejoycing.

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August 2022


  • greygirlbeast
    18 Aug 2022, 00:33
    Congrats on the move
  • greygirlbeast
    13 Aug 2022, 20:54
    The Dreaming, your run in that series #1--60, of which you wrote at least 40 of those issues, if not more, is selling now on eBay for $299.99 and $349.99. I wish they would make a hardcover Omnibus…
  • greygirlbeast
    13 Aug 2022, 02:38
    Of note lately, when I am feeling down and in high pain, I am holding on to the fact horrible and hateful and hate-filled politician Mo Brooks lost his bid to be Senator in Alabama. It's been…
  • greygirlbeast
    10 Aug 2022, 01:23
    I've never forgotten your turn in the Sandman world. It's what brought me to your writing in the first place.
  • greygirlbeast
    9 Aug 2022, 22:09
    I have the full set of your run of The Dreaming and The Girl Who Would Cheat Death. Fantastic writing! I love it! I've seen the set on eBay for $179.99. I'd never sell mine. I wish they would…
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