greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Update on Sirenia Digest #58

As the departure for Portland comes barreling down upon me, it's starting to seem extremely unlikely that I'll be getting Sirenia Digest #58 (September) out until after I get back. I'm waiting on the final art from Vince, and suddenly there are far too many trip related things that have to get done in far too little time. I do apologize, profusely, and I'll get the issue out ASAP when I'm home again in Providence. Your patience is much appreciated.

On the bright side, this means you'll get two issues of the digest in October.

But look! More Throwing Muses, filmed live at the Rocket (later Club Baby Head, and presently Club Hell) in Providence, January 23rd, 1987:

Okay...gotta go figure out what the hell I'm reading on Sunday.
Tags: delays, kristin hersh, music videos, providence, sirenia digest

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