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beauty, freedom, truth, and above all else...

The Bookslut interview is now up. Please have a look, even though I strongly suspect I come off sounding like a loon. It's not that I didn't mean everything I said, because I did, so...I don't know. My lit agent is very happy with it. When I told her I thought I sounded like a loon, she didn't disagree, but only pointed out that it'll sell books. She is a wise woman.

There was very little work yesterday. Mostly, I dealt with the aforementioned mountain of funny books. I did better in the discard department than I expected I would. I was aiming to ditch 75%, but figured I'd wuss out and only lose about 40% of them. I think I managed about 55%. The hallway is currently all but blocked by 134 lbs. of comics waiting for a good home. The rest go to the new place with me. Once I'm settled in, I'll sell a few of those on eBay. And I guess I'll keep the rest for good. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions yesterday re: ridding myself of comics. Don't worry, Sissy. It won't be the Salvation Army.

We're poised somewhere doubly indefinite, between being here and moving, between being here and heading off to Minneapolis. I wish I didn't hate traveling so much. I really do.

Last night I saw a trailer for Revenge of the Sith. I'm not getting my hopes up this time. George Lucas has burned me twice now. What can I say about the movie, based on this trailer? I suspect it will be pretty as hell and dumb as dirt, just like the last two. Why, oh why couldn't we have gotten just one more film in this series as good as The Empire Strikes Back? Gods, I love that film. In the summer of 1981, I saw that movie twenty times at the theatre. Twenty times. It's what I did all damn summer long, when I wasn't away at field camp digging up mosasurs, plesiosaurs, and sea turtles. I was seventeen, and TESB was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen on film. I was in love with Han Solo and Princess Leia and Chewbacca in equal measure (I always thought Luke was a bit of a doofus, though). Now, we get Jar-Jar frelling Binks and Hayden frellling Christensen. Oh, I'll be there on opening day, don't get me wrong. I'm too big a geek to do otherwise, and part of me (despite what I just said above) can't relinquish hope that this one will be a good movie, and I'll be as amazed as I was in the summer of '81. And hey, at least we get to see Chewbacca this time. If only he'd mutilate Jar-Jar Binks.

Last night, after the comics and all the other crap that filled the day, I played about an hour of BoodRayne 2. Then Spooky and I made spaghetti. Then we watched Moulin Rouge, because I hadn't watched it in almost two years and suddenly I needed to see it again. It still astounds me. It's a beautiful, astonishing film.

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